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I don't want to go back to school waaaaaaa!

This is so depressing. We have to go back to school! I am so mad! Yes, I get to see some people I havn't seen in a few days but I could always see them outside of school! lol! I'm not looking forward to seeing some people though lol.

Jackie and Nora--I have the project adn what not so just letting you I rememeber I have to rbing it to school tomorrow lol. And by the way, are we presenting tomorrow? I hope not! lol!

Yeah so enjoy your last few hours of vacation everyone!

<3 Erin
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Eeep. Do you have the report or do I? I have no idea where it is, I'll check all my folders though of course. We aren't presenting at least until Tuesday because Mrs. Petrella has to make sure everyone cited everything correctly, remember? Anyway, I REALLY don't want to go back to school tomorrow, but I'll be glad to see y'all again!
Yeah I have it. Well good thing we arn't presenting tomorrow! AHHHHH I don't want to go back to school! But I do get to see you and I havn't seen you in a while and same with Julie and Greta and Amy! Well see ya then! xoxox
Yeah I agree with everything that you said!!! I am so used to going to bed at like 1 and then sleeping until 11 and now we have to get up at 6!!! AHHHHH I am gonna be so tired!!!!!!Looking forward to seeing you all! Havent seen you in a while...well other than Erin I saw her yesterday but still! haha
haha Yah Nora I have seen you like 4 times over break so that's good! Now we get to see each other basically everyday! lol! That's good but it will be in school. Ew!!!!!
Ew I have to see you everyday...GROSS!!!!!! Haha just kidding! ick ick ick just the thought of school...eww.